Hotel Transylvania


A hilarious cartoon movie well worth watching. Selena Gomez does the voice of the vampire “teen” who is overprotected by her loving but obsessive vampire father. The daddy vampire (who is harmless, as are all the monsters in this movie) has created a hidden hotel where he can protect his daughter from the “evil humans”, but she is old enough now to explore the outside world. A hapless but hilarious human finds his way into the compound, and the vampire dad tries to discreetly escort him out so that the monsters won’t be in danger… But in the process the young human mets the girl vampire, and it’s love at first sight. The antics of all the characters in this movie are really entertaining. Disney has created another classic with this movie.

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Father Ernest Daly was ordained a priest by Pope John Paul II in 1991. He has an MA in Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome, and an MA in Theology from the Regina Apostolorum in Rome. Fr. Ernest has spent the last 30 years of his life working in schools and with young people, and has been publishing Our Faith In Action® since its founding in 2003. He loves skiing, movies, and hanging out with his nieces and nephews (he has a ton!).

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