Here Comes Boom



An entertaining comedy about a “loser teacher” who decides he has to help a friend. His efforts seem doomed to failure, as does his love life, but somehow he manages to find a way to at least do something. The movie deals with the “over-the-hill” experience that most adults face. It also deals with the danger of letting difficulties turn us into apathetic and uncaring persons. You end up rooting for this “loser” in spite of his stupidity and ineptness. Good movie for some good laughs and for a light discussion about not giving up. There are also a couple of positive references to the Christian faith, something very different from most Hollywood movies.



About the Author:

Father Ernest Daly was ordained a priest by Pope John Paul II in 1991. He has an MA in Philosophy from the Gregorian University in Rome, and an MA in Theology from the Regina Apostolorum in Rome. Fr. Ernest has spent the last 30 years of his life working in schools and with young people, and has been publishing Our Faith In Action® since its founding in 2003. He loves skiing, movies, and hanging out with his nieces and nephews (he has a ton!).

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