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3 responses to “Which crown, Carrie Prejean?”

  1. Louisa

    Tough spot for her to be in . . . she couldve expressed her opinion more articulately though but also–i see why the Church objects to gay marriage (there are secular arguments too—the sexual practices which often pertain to th lifestyle can be hazardous to health, even w/out promiscuity, much more so than heterosexual sex, and causes a much shorter life expectancy, and gay ppl hav just as much of a right to live as th rest of us) and, personally, would never go through with it (not a problem since im straight anyways) i dont see why it needs to be illegal. It doesnt hurt anyone besides the individuals involved (even though people say it deteriorates surrounding marriages that is simply a myth society has already devalued marriage and I have yet to see a statistic showing higher divorce rates in states with gay marriage and even if there were it would more likely be a case of correlation rather than causation) and things that are immoral shouldn’t b forbidden by law unless they have a significant effect beyond the immediate, consenting parties (unlike, for instance, abortion, which kills an innocent. A better analogy would b birth control . . . horrible for the soul, but its our job as Caths to spread th word, not Big Brothers) . . . also th gov wouldn’t b redefining marriage cuz marriage hasn’t ever had one straight-up (ha! pun) def for every society all the time (even Catholicism has, in its history, turned a blind eye towards things such as polygamy). & its not rlly a case of “if we legalize this then where will we draw the line” cuz I don’t think anyone is marrying polar bears, even in MA. Im not justifying going against the church, just saying that its not right to use th law to force our religion . . . “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give to God what belongs to God.” I don’t worship obama, and I don’t look to him for moral guidance, nor do I think we should force bi/poly/homosexual people to do so. If two guys want to get married, giv them a loving example of chastity in yr own life instead of calling th cops . . . just my thoughts 

    1. Alex Kubik

      Thanks so much for the comments! We are doing our best to give a clear, abridged insight into what the Catholic Church states is the truth about this matter. Have you checked out the “companion” lesson to this: http://ourfaithinaction.org/marriage/ ? There is some useful info there, as well as some links to sources. I think what makes this issue difficult for a lot of us, is that there are 2 levels of thinking going on; first, the objective truth we know is right, and second, the emotions and feelings we have that often come from knowing people in this situation. We pray that God will give us all peace and understanding to know and accept His truth, and the prudence to know what to do with it!

  2. Alex Kubik

    A recent article talks about the media reaction to Carrie: http://townhall.com/columnists/maggiegallagher/2012/05/03/dan_savage_and_carrie_prejean

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